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Japan’s Earthquake Early Warning System

Ten-minute clip of Japan’s earthquake early warning system. Both Japan and Mexico have earthquake early warning systems that lets people know of an earthquake 5-50 seconds in advance.

Southern Mexico—Earthquakes, Tectonics, & Earthquake Early Warning

From www.iris.edu/educate. In 1985, a Great magnitude 8.1 subduction-zone earthquake occurred beneath the coast of Michoacan Mexico. Despite the 350-km distance from the earthquake epicenter to Mexico City,most of the 9,500 fatalities occurred there. That earthquake prompted Mexico to develop an earthquake alert system for all of Southern Mexico. This animation describes the tectonic and geologic process …

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Urban Preparedness. Lessons from the Kathmandu Valley.

In the context of the Nepal Red Cross and British Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness for Safer Communities programme (EPS) in Kathmandu, this study focuses on identifying key learning points on community engagement and local  and national action in a complex urban disaster management. Link to document http://www.preventionweb.net/files/36764_36764urbanpreparednesskathmandufull.pdf

ShakeOut earthquake drills

The Great ShakeOut is a once a year earthquake drill first held in California in 2008 to raise awareness across all segments of the community. Participation has since spread around the globe and an increasing numebr of communities take part every year. The Great ShakeOut website, ShakeOut Drill Manual for Schools, ShakeOut Drill Manual for …

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Seismic wallpaper

Report from Bayer MaterialScience, on an economical and effective earthquake protection measure they have developed in the form of a glass fiber fabric combined with a special adhesive which increases the stability of masonry and therefore reduces the risk that apartment and office buildings will turn into deathtraps. The system can be installed as wallpaper …

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Managing Disaster Risks: Sendai Report

The Sendai Report argues that the practice of disaster risk management (DRM) is a defining characteristic of resilient societies, and should therefore be integrated– or ‘mainstreamed’–into all aspects of development. The report outlines how the World Bank will work to further integrate DRM into development planning and upscale support for targeted DRM initiatives. English version …

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Mexico’s Natural Disaster Fund – A Review

“As part of its disaster risk management efforts, the Federal Government of Mexico established the Fund for Natural Disasters FONDEN to support disaster relief and reconstruction. FONDEN was originally established as a budgetary tool through which federal funds were annually allocated for expenditure on post-disaster response. Since then, FONDEN has evolved significantly; changes to its …

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