Guide to Strengthening the Auxiliary Role through Law and Policy

The purpose of this Guide is to provide practical guidance to National Societies about how to strengthen their auxiliary role through domestic law, policies, plans and agreements. This Guide has a strong focus on sectoral laws, policies plans and agreements. It also focuses on legal facilities, meaning special legal rights and exemptions that enable National Societies to conduct their operations more efficiently and effectively.

The focus of this Guide is predominantly on how laws, policies, plans and agreements can strengthen the auxiliary role in sectors such as disaster risk management, health, migration and social welfare. The Guide does not address how to strengthen the auxiliary role in the context of armed conflict or other situations of violence; guidance on this topic is provided by the Safer Access Framework developed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The Guide also does not address National Society Statutes; guidance on this topic is provided by the Guidance for National Society Statutes, 2018.

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