Nature Navigator Handbook – A handbook for Disaster Risk Management Practitioners

You are probably interested in this guide because you are working in disaster risk management (DRM). Because you’re curious, concerned, committed? Good.

The Nature Navigator is for you. It aims to inspire, to guide, to trigger, enhance and enable action and to work with nature. It has been designed for all volunteers and staff of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: whether you are the Secretary-General of a National Society or a volunteer at a local branch, this guide is for you. The guide is also useful to community members and partners at government agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) working on disaster risk reduction and in humanitarian contexts. Prior knowledge of DRM is helpful but not essential. The most important terms and concepts are explained in the next chapter on foundations. Remember: this is just a guideline — it is nothing without you. It is you who can bring it to life. It is you who can make a difference, and help avert humanity’s biggest threats: disasters, and in particular the climate crisis and environmental degradation. Reading the Nature Navigator will help you work with nature to reduce disaster risk. The Nature Navigator is your assistant in this process of making communities more resilient. It gives you back-ground and technical context, case studies and examples, steps to take (from small to large), an application toolbox with tools to work with, and a facilitation toolbox to train others.

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