The Resilient Planet Data Hub

The Resilient Planet Data Hub is a resource that provides open data about climate and environmental risks. The hub offers high-quality data that is globally consistent. The hub’s Global Resilience Index (GRI) Risk Viewer compares risks from various hazards globally, and provides risk metrics that help people understand the risk to the planet, people, and prosperity. It serves as an open repository of data, offering crucial information for financial institutions, investors, and policymakers.

Founded by the Insurance Development Forum, University of Oxford, and UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), under the original umbrella of the Global Resilience Index Initiative (GRII), the RPDH aims to fix the information gap for aggregated risk decision-making and the guidance of capital flows towards resilience.

The original concept was launched at COP26 in Glasgow, to provide  sovereigns and financial institutions with globally consistent reference data on climate and natural hazards and risks, under current and future climate conditions. This essential information is now open and accessible to all, using shared standards and consistent metrics at local to global scales.

Explore the Global Climate-Related Risk Analytics here.

The GRI Risk Viewer, previously called the Global Systemic Risk Assessment Tool (G-SRAT), is a data and analytics portal covering hazards, exposure, vulnerability and risk to infrastructure and people around the world. This tool aims to support climate adaptation decision-making by identifying spatial vulnerabilities and risks under current and future climate scenarios.

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