Volunteering in times of Crisis

1755 is the year when they say volunteering phenomena emerged. And then, this concept re-emerged, reformed and contextualized for various other industries other than the military. These days, it’s more of a Humanitarian Assistance for all professions.

Since 2010, I have volunteered in various roles: writer, cyclist, career counselor, communication & media consultancies, environmentalist, and peace-builder. And I did it for three consecutive days maximum. But a recent volunteering experience of almost six months with VSO changed my life.

The COVID-19 pandemic 2019 led us to lock ourselves in a box, but I have seen that volunteers of VSO still did their duties. @VSO, one can learn how to give him/her a way to serve humanity. And that’s what volunteering is. You don’t think about yourself when you see who you are serving. Humans with crises are a result of any emergency or conflict. That emergency made their life standards so fragile that they sought assistance from volunteers like us.

VSO Volunteers at Plantation Drive 2021

In Pakistan, people are known as hospitable humans. Everyone has volunteered, but they don’t look out or experiment with that trait. This doesn’t need the expertise of volunteerism in Pakistan; our cultural norms and values make us more accepting of diversity and versatility. The classes, ethnicity, faiths, and nationalities make us stronger for this cohesion. The world is divided into many social categories for their identities only; this division is very refreshingly positive that we feel good to meet people of any other group or community. The social inclusion teachings are the best when we truly and wholeheartedly start it from our end.

During a talk with an Education Volunteer (Afghan Refugee) in Quetta, Pakistan. I felt so proud of being Pakistani when he said to me that he loves Pakistan more than the country where he was born. It was quite an emotional moment for me because I see few who take this blessing of having a homeland for granted. What this country gave them, Etc.

Ask people who are welcomed by our people what they feel about it! What you give to your country is more important.!

Now see! This experience of learning in volunteering unfolds many horizons. And with time, the wise of us becomes wiser to understand the ground realities of living a life. Giving Away the service in-kind or monetary, both are valued and achieve recognition only when the beneficiary or recipient is content. Yes, Only Then!

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