Six Characteristics of a Safe and Resilient Community

What Makes A Community Disaster Ready? A Meta-Evaluation.

0Reports Reviewed 0Organizations Covered Over the course of 2019-2020, the American Red Cross commissioned a meta‑evaluation to explore what makes a community disaster-ready. This meta-evaluation examines 24 program or project evaluations, half of which were of American Red Cross community disaster preparedness programs, and half of the programs implemented by external actors. The aim of

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World Cities Report 2020

The World Cities Report 2020 convincingly affirms that well-planned, managed, and financed cities and towns create economic, social, environmental and other unquantifiable value that can vastly improve the quality of life of all. Urbanization can be leveraged for the fight against poverty, inequality, unemployment, climate change and other pressing global challenges. In this regard, sustainable

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