Coastal City Resilience and Extreme Heat Action Project

What we do

The Coastal City Resilience and Extreme Heat Action Project (CoCHAP) aims to build climate resilience of urban communities, particularly to extreme heat and coastal threats. While building on the learning from the previous experiences in coastal cities, extreme heat response and locally led climate adaptation, CoCHAP will strengthen the capacities of the communities, Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) National Societies, city authorities, meteorological agencies and other stakeholders in system and design thinking, coalition building and evidence-based collective action.

Building resilience of coastal urban communities to sea level rise, storms, and erosion.

Reducing impacts of extreme urban heat through planning, early warnings, and community adaptation.

What is new?

Where We Work

The CoCHAP project targets 9 secondary cities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Honduras and Tanzania. While in some cities activities focus on either coastal resilience or extreme heat, in others the activities address both climate risks.

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Medan, North Sumatra

Surabaya, East Java

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San Lorenzo


Tools & Resources

Tap into a wealth of expertise from the RCRC Network with our comprehensive collection of resources and tools tailored for CoCHAP project implementation. This section equips you with templates, guidance documents, reports, and other invaluable materials to streamline the planning, design, and execution of your CoCHAP activities.

Click on the icons on the right to explore resources by topic, or go here to browse the entire collection.

Learning & Knowledge Sharing

A key goal of CoCHAP is to create a strong foundation of practices and knowledge that can be replicated and scaled up globally to help cities address intensifying climate risks, including extreme heat and coastal hazards. To achieve this, we prioritize broader collective learning – one that entails reflective processes parallel to implementation and learning not only from our experiences but also from those of our partners and the communities involved. The project includes a variety of modes and activities to drive this collaborative learning and practical knowledge exchange.

Sharing and Learning Days

Annual in person events and online semi-annual events to share lessons learned and challenges, present products, and update involved partners other on progress.

  • Recordings
  • Bangladesh RC presentation
  • Honduras RC presentation
  • Honduras RC video
  • Indonesia RC presentation


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