Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop (China Oct 31 – Nov. 1)

Documentation related to the  2018 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop presented in Hong Kong, China on October 31 – November 1, 2018. 
  • Document of the CAP Implementation Workshop 
  • Flyer: 2018 CAP Implementation Workshop
  • Call for Participation
  • WMO Letter to Member States
  • Information Note for Participants
  • Participants
  • Agenda of CAP Training on October 30.
  • Agenda of Filtered Alert Hub Workshop on November 2.
  • Programme of Workshop, October 31- November 1. 
  • Speakers (bios)
  • Workshop Report
  • Presentations 


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cap-workshop-2018_2_1.pdf 56 KB
cap-workshop-2018-flyer_8_0.pdf 216 KB
cap-workshop-2018-call-participation_0_0.pdf 73 KB
cap-workshop-2018-wmo-announcement_0.pdf 754 KB
cap-workshop-2018-information-note_5_1.pdf 41 KB
cap-workshop-2018-participants_56_1.pdf 22 KB
cap-workshop-2018-training_3_1.pdf 11 KB
cap-workshop-2018-filtered-alert-hub_16_1.pdf 12 KB
cap-workshop-2018-programme_42_1.pdf 24 KB
cap-workshop-2018-welcome-oasis_0.pptx 1 MB
cap-workshop-2018-accuweather_1.pptx 14 MB
cap-workshop-2018-architecture-alert-hub_1.pdf 598 KB
cap-workshop-2018-clickable-map-display_1.pdf 3 MB
cap-workshop-2018-clickable-map-display_0_1.ppt 760 KB
cap-workshop-2018-fah-policy-operations_0_0.ppt 538 KB
cap-workshop-2018-hko-experience_0.pptx 1 MB
cap-workshop-2018-ifrc-perspective_0.pdf 7 MB
cap-workshop-2018-indigenous-languages_0.pdf 6 MB
cap-workshop-2018-ipaws_0.pptx 8 MB
cap-workshop-2018-itu-emergency-telecom_0.pptx 24 MB
cap-workshop-2018-meteoalarm_0_0.pdf 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-mobile-multimedia-alerting_0.pdf 1 MB
cap-workshop-2018-natural-disasters_0_0.pdf 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-newrs_0.pptx 25 MB
cap-workshop-2018-overview-filtered-alert-hub_4.pdf 4 MB
cap-workshop-2018-overview-filtered-alert-hub_2_0.ppt 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-research-other-tech_0.pdf 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-rimes_0.pdf 1 MB
cap-workshop-2018-swic-website_0.pptx 32 MB
cap-workshop-2018-update-em-tc_0_0.pptx 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-canada_1_1.pptx 36 MB
cap-workshop-2018-comoros-islands_1.pptx 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-deutscher-wetterdienst_0.pptx 21 MB
cap-workshop-2018-deutscher-wetterdienst_0_1.pdf 3 MB
cap-workshop-2018-india_0.pdf 2 MB
cap-workshop-2018-india_0.pptx 4 MB
cap-workshop-2018-italy_1_0.pdf 1 MB
cap-workshop-2018-mexico_0.pdf 5 MB
cap-workshop-2018-philippines_0.pptx 22 MB
cap-workshop-2018-programme_42_2.pdf 24 KB
cap-workshop-2018-speakers_63_1_0.pdf 3 MB
cap-workshop-2018-participants_56_1_0.pdf 22 KB
cap-workshop-2018-wmo-perspective_0.pptx 24 MB

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