Radiological – Nuclear Hazards (Part 01)

Different guidance material covering the topic of Radiation protection and nuclear from different regions / countries / organisations. The publications cover the basics of radiation protection to different in depth explanations and also provide guidance and describe protective measures and best practices.

Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish.

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5a-Support-Document-Post-Accident-Food-Management-Framework-1.pdf 367 KB
1302-IAEA-Fukushima-response-1.pdf 3 MB
1302-ICRP-radiological-protection-fukushima-ppt-1.pdf 11 MB
1308-JRCS-Code-of-conduct-Nuclear-disasters-1.pdf 550 KB
Basic-Info-leaflet-E-march-2005-1.pdf 181 KB
FGC-WP-17-FINAL.pdf 401 KB
France-Nuc-Plan-3-9-Mo.pdf 4 MB
HERCA-WGE-distant-accidents-recommendations-report.pdf 318 KB
IAEA-safety-standards-Pub1467.pdf 2 MB
ICRP_Publication_103-Annals_of_the_ICRP_372-4-Free_extract.pdf 346 KB
IRSN-Guidance-Nuclear-emergency.pdf 8 MB
Leaflet_Noodplanning_ENG_update.pdf 952 KB
naccho_report_on_operating_public_shelters.pdf 8 MB
nordic_flagbook_february2014.pdf 869 KB
NRIA_FINAL_110216.pdf 3 MB
operating-public-shelters.pdf 8 MB
PHE-CRCE-018_Drinking_Water_Supplies_Handbook_2015.pdf 4 MB
PHE-CRCE-018_Food_Production_Systems_Handbook_2015.pdf 4 MB
PHE-CRCE-018_Inhabited_Areas_Handbook_2015.pdf 4 MB
Policyelementsforpost-accidentmanagementintheeventofnuclearaccident.pdf 939 KB
PopulationLongTermNuclearAccid.pdf 3 MB
Practical-Guidance-Practicability-of-Early-Protective-Actions_20110630.pdf 401 KB
Recovery_factsheet_2016.pdf 189 KB
responding_to_a_radiological_crisis_experiences_of_british_foreign_office_staff_in_japan_after_the_fukushima_nuclear_meltdown.pdf 137 KB
Simon_Introduction-to-Radiation-Accidents_Incidents-and-Events_may19-2011.pdf 4 MB
TE-1788_Water.pdf 1 MB
what-to-do-NuclearEmergency.pdf 4 MB
Ziegler_EMDM2011RadiationMedicine.pdf 2 MB

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