2018-2020 GDPC Report Launched

The Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) continues to empower disaster risk reduction (DRR ) practitioners around the world through innovation and learning in disaster preparedness. The 2018 – 2020 Overview Report, in a new interactive format, provides a full overview of key initiatives and achievements. Highlights include:

  •  The rapid and effective response to COVID-19, launching and scaling the IFRC Covid 19 Compendium and related tools/resources
  • Launch and expansion of innovation and technology solutions such as a mobile app bundle as part of the Universal App Program (UAP), The WhatNow Service, and the Business Preparedness Initiative (Atlas Ready for Business)
  • Research initiatives – The Immersive Technologies and Digital Games for School Preparedness, Heatwave Guide for Cities, and Designing Preparedness Messaging in Digital Applications in collaboration with the University of Washington.

Click to view the interactive 2018-2020 report

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