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Review of Built Infrastructures in Laos

The Luxembourg Red Cross is actively working in Laos with a Shelter project (including WatSan component) in the Khammouane region (Mahaxay and Hinboun districts). The project of the LRC (last planned in this country) focuses on improving the living conditions of the local population through the development of community infrastructures and mechanisms. The project is …

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Catalog of Assessment Methodologies

This document provides an overview of different assessment methodologies. It is not a comprehensive list and only provides a snapshot of commonly used methodlogies. 

Coalición de Mil Millones para la Resiliencia: Guía para las Americas

Personas y comunidades de todo el mundo se enfrentan a crecientes riesgos para su salud, medios de vida y bienestar social. Estos riesgos dependen del contexto, y a menudo se ven agravados por muchos factores: enfermedades; cambio climático; urbanización caótica y asentamientos espontáneos en áreas propensas a desastres; inseguridad; envejecimiento de la población, y aumento …

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One Billion Coalition for Resilience: Americas Guide

People and communities everywhere face increasing risks to their health, livelihoods and social wellbeing. These risks are context specific and often compounded by many factors: disease; climate change; chaotic urbanization and spontaneous settlements in hazard-prone areas; insecurity; aging populations; and increasing inequalities. Traditional coping mechanisms are breaking down. New coping mechanisms are emerging. The One …

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Community Stories – RITA Program

  Resilience in the Americas (RITA) is implemented by Red Cross National Societies in 8 countries in Latin America, with technical support from the American Red Cross. The focus of the program is to work alongside communities to strengthen their resilience in face of disasters. At the same time, RITA is also designed to strengthen …

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URBZ – user-generated cities

Based on the belief that residents are experts in their neighborhoods, URBZ organizes collaborative workshops, hands-on research projects, and interactive solution sharing on the web. URBZ regularly organizes participatory workshops that last 2 to 7 days where local residents work in small teams with guests from various fields to produce documentation in the form of surveys, designs, multimedia …

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万が一のときは (Disaster Preparedness Guide)

どんなに災害に備えていても、災害を防ごうとしても、とても残念なことですが、自然災害は起きてしまいます。自然災害が起きたときに、どれだけ被害を少なくするか、「減災」という考え方が大切です。”日頃からの備え”と落ち着いた行動が被害を最小限にします 万が一のときは(tenki.jp) http://www.tenki.jp/docs/note/bousai/page_5

Community Resilience Assessment Tool

Household and committee surveys for measuring overall community resilience and for tracking changes following integrated interventions. This tool has been developed by the American Red Cross as part of its work with Red Cross Red Crescent national societies in Latin American and the Caribbean under the Resilience in the Americas (RITA) initaitive. This document presents …

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World Development Report 2015- Mind, Society and Behavior

The title of this Report, Mind, Society, and Behavior,captures the idea that paying attention to how humans think (the processes of mind) and how history and context shape thinking (the influence of society) can improve the design and implementation of development policies and interventions that target humanchoice and action (behavior). To put it differently, development policy is due for its …

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