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What Makes A Community Disaster Ready? A Meta-Evaluation.

0Reports Reviewed 0Organizations Covered Over the course of 2019-2020, the American Red Cross commissioned a meta‑evaluation to explore what makes a community disaster-ready. This meta-evaluation examines 24 program or project evaluations, half of which were of American Red Cross community disaster preparedness programs, and half of the programs implemented by external actors. The aim of …

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World Disasters Report 2018

The 2018 World Disasters Report, titled “Leaving millions NO-ONE behind: The international humanitarian sector must do more to respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people”  explores how different people are left behind in humanitarian response, and why. It highlights the humanitarian impacts of crises, in particular natural hazards, including those linked to climate change, but …

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Be Red Cross Ready!

Learn how easy it can be for your family to Be Red Cross Ready by completing three easy steps: Get A Kit Make A Plan Be Informed ARC link http://preparesocal.org/programs/

Photo Report: Red Cross Carries Out a Zika Awareness Campaign in Gungulung

After the Ministry of Health in Belize recently recorded new cases of Zika, the Red Cross carried out a zika awareness campaign in the Gungulung community. The Belize Red Cross led the intervention, with support from representatives of the American, Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica Red Crosses and the IFRC. Volunteers from Seattle University also took part …

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Participatory Cost-Benefit-Analysis Guide

Most traditional economic analysis, such as cost benefit analysis, is too complex to be used for community-based activities and interventions, especially when climate change considerations have to be incorporated. This guide bridges this gap by providing tools and methods for answering the following questions: Which solutions identified in community based assessment approaches and in subsequent action planning are more economically feasible than others? …

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万が一のときは (Disaster Preparedness Guide)

どんなに災害に備えていても、災害を防ごうとしても、とても残念なことですが、自然災害は起きてしまいます。自然災害が起きたときに、どれだけ被害を少なくするか、「減災」という考え方が大切です。”日頃からの備え”と落ち着いた行動が被害を最小限にします 万が一のときは(tenki.jp) http://www.tenki.jp/docs/note/bousai/page_5