International Radiological Assistance Program Training for Emergency Response (I-RAPTER) Training Program

I-RAPTER is a training course designed for first responders, radiation protection specialists and emergency managers responsible for radiological emergency response.

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Adv-IRAPTER-Advanced-Radiological-Search-Concept-of-Operations-4-18-13.pdf 3 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Aerial-Radiological-Search-Operations-3-19-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Contamination-Incident-Response-6-17-13.pdf 796 KB
Adv-IRAPTER-Gamma-Spectroscopy-for-First-Responders-3-19-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Incident-Crime-Scene-with-Nuclear-Forensics-with-Exercise-and-Discussion-6-17-13.pdf 1 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Incident-Crime-Scene-with-Nuclear-Forensics-with-Exercise-and-Discussion-6-17-13-1.pdf 1 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Interactive-Radiation-Equipment-Demonstration-4-18-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-International-Radiological-Triage-Reachback-Capability-6-3-13.pdf 1 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Maritime-Radiological-Search-Operations-3-19-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Nuclear-Radiological-Sources-of-Concern-6-17-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Radiation-Alarm-Interdiction-and-Adjudication-6-3-13.pdf 778 KB
Adv-IRAPTER-Radiation-Detection-Principles-4-18-13.pdf 522 KB
Adv-IRAPTER-Radiation-Dispersal-Response-10-Point-Monitoring-6-17-13.pdf 3 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Radiation-Properties-and-Health-Physics-for-First-Responders-6-17-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Radioactive-Material-Identification-with-Training-and-Exercise-3-20-13.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Source-Recovery-6-3-13.pdf 1 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Source-Recovery-Case-Study-Djibouti-Apr-2012-3-15-13m.pdf 2 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Source-Recovery-Case-Study-Malaysia-Feb-2011-3-15-13.pdf 1 MB
Adv-IRAPTER-Source-Recovery-Case-Study-Thailand-April-2012-3-15-13.pdf 1 MB
IAEA-Assessment-of-EPR-Capabilities-provisional.pdf 2 MB

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