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You Can Lead a Learning Journey

The LtC facilitation guides and tools will help you drive the learning journey. The curriculum was designed to be structured enough to provide you with the content you need to engage learners, but flexible enough so that you can adapt it if you wish. The curriculum is modular - you may choose to lead a complete learning journey with all six modules or select one or more modules relevant to your learners. The curriculum is also available in Word document and PowerPoint formats that are easy to edit and translate. You are encouraged to take ownership of the materials. As a facilitator, the tools are yours to work with and develop as you grow on your own journey

Start Here Guide

The Start Here guide introduces the LtC facilitation approach. It shares facilitation principles and explains how to use individual modular guides.

Presenting LtC

Presenting LtC is a powerpoint slide deck that you as a facilitator can use to introduce Lead to Change to your learning journey participants.

Resources for Leading a Learning Journey

draft ltc slide

Guides & Tools

Additional Resources for Leading a Learning Journey

Action Plan Template

Plan the logistics of a learning journey in your national society or context. Use the plan to secure support.

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Feedback Survey

Adapt this sample survey to gather feedback from your learners to improve your learning journey.

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LtC Slide Deck Template

The slide deck helps you prepare sessions to support delivery of content in modular guides. LtC tools are PPT slides and can easily be added to a session deck.

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Strengthen your facilitation skills by taking an e-learning course on the IFRC Learning Platform. 

Ready to launch the Learning Journey?

Use the website to introduce LtC to your learners.

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